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Our goal is simple: create rewarding and purpose-filled workplaces. We help winning organizations improve their employee experience by providing employees with increased engagement, connection, and a shared sense of meaning. Plus, we arm managers with insights and analytics that identify issues before they start. In other words: you’re in the right place.

"If you think about Kazoo in terms of what you’ll gain in productivity, performance, and employee happiness, it costs ZERO."

- VP Engineering, Sparefoot

Kazoo customers continue to see value year after with an average payback period of five months. Get started with Kazoo today and see why Kazoo is when work is working.

Request pricing to select the people management tools that hit the spot for your organization:

Recognition & Rewards 

Provides meaningful appreciation that helps employees feel valued about the work they are doing.

Continuous Performance Management 

Gives employees feedback and constructive insights on how they're really doing on a timely basis.


Help employers understand how employees are feeling and what to focus on to drive improved culture and performance.


100% of Kazoo customers see an
increase in employee engagement.