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A New Approach to Performance Management

Are you looking for new ways to conduct meaningful, actionable, and productive performance conversations? You’re not alone!

Not only are current processes inefficient, time-consuming, and infrequent -- they often do not yield any worthwhile benefits.

As team-based workplaces become more common, it is harder to track and rate individuals, and meanwhile, there is a need to develop people faster due to talent shortages across many skill sets and industries. In addition, Millennials, who grew-up using real-time applications such as Facebook and Twitter, prefer more frequent feedback, including coaching and recognition.

Kazoo’s platform addresses these challenges by putting your most important asset -- your employees -- at the forefront.

Download this guide to learn how Kazoo helps you:

  • Set and track individual and team goals, objectives, and key results (OKRs) quarterly that are aligned with company goals
  • Make goals transparent across the organization
  • Deliver and receive requested continuous feedback
  • Set frequent check-ins between the manager and the employee and quickly document important parts of those conversations


See the real connection between engagement and performance management