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Three Frameworks for Effective 1-on-1s

How are you structuring employee check-ins?

Individual employee needs can dictate the structure of your 1-on-1s. To help you find your groove, here are three frameworks for effectively communicating in every situation.

Pro-tip? Mix and match the frameworks to fit your team's needs and preferences!

  • #1: The Start, Stop, Continue Approach: Use this approach when an employee needs advice on balancing their workload and priorities.

  • #2: The Goaling Approach: Use this approach for the employee who loves to see their impact on the bottom line and wants to focus on clear, established goals.

  • #3: Agenda-based Approach: Use this approach to give your employees a heads-up about items you'd like to discuss with them your 1-on-1. (Great for project recaps or performance evaluations!)


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